Xen-tools and FAI softupdates

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FAI dirinstall with xen-tools

from xen-tools, you can start fai dirinstall as a role script. Therefore, the debootstrap has to be disabled with the install=0 option of xen-tools, and the machine needs to use the role "fai-install". The role script looks like this:



CMD="fai -N  -v -u ${hostname} dirinstall $TARGET"

echo running $CMD

FAI softupdates after xen-tools installation

For now, only my xen-tools config, File:Etc xen-tools.tar.gz

Basically, I run fai softupdates in the chroot, after xen-tools has created the basic system. That way I can use the FAI class system to get more sophisticated possibilities of sharing configuration for multiple different systems, which are party similar and partly quite different.

I run xen-tools with the command

mac=00:16:3E:3C:02:40 xen-create-image --ide --size=2Gb --copy=/dev/null --hostname faiserver --template=/etc/xen-tools/paravirtual.tmpl

to get a FAI Server installed, the FAI configspace is located in the xen-tools skel directory. Sure, some further knowledge of FAI is necessary to understand all that...