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|FAI_VERSION||int||FAI 2.10.5||||fai, prcopyleft()||
|FAI_VERSION||int||FAI 2.10.5||||fai, prcopyleft()||
|HOSTNAME||||||||very often||
|HOSTNAME||||demohost||||very often||
|HOSTTYPE||int||x86_64||bash variable|| prcopyleft ||
|HOSTTYPE||int||x86_64||bash variable|| prcopyleft ||

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The following Variables do exist in FAI (example values included):

type: int = internal use only; CS used in config space (often defined by *.var)

name type example value created by used by comments
BOOT_IMAGE int vmlinux-install may be unset
BROADCAST get-boot-info scripts/FAIBASE/30-interface
DNSDOMAIN workgroup.de task_setup() just used because cfengine can't use DOMAIN
DNSSRVS dhclient-perl create_resolv_conf
DNSSRVS_1 first element of DNSSRV
DOMAIN workgroup.de task_setup() task_prepareapt()
COLOR_FAI_LOGO int 1 or 0 prcopyleft() "0" does not work for installation on x86. Only the Linux Terminal can display the color logo.
DEBIAN_FRONTEND int noninteractive dpkg -i
DO_INIT_TASKS int 1 fai, task_confdir(), prcopyleft() 1 if doing net installation
FAI /fai almost every function
FAI_ACTION install, sysinfo, softupdate fai-chboot via kernel command line save_log_local() save_log_remote_shell() save_log_remote() get_bootp_info() task_action(), fai-savelog-ftp, updatebase
FAI_FLAGS 'createvt sshd' kernel command line, fai-chboot define_fai_flags()
FAI_LOCATION faiserver:/srv/fai/config get_bootp_info() get_fai_dir() get_fai_cvs()
FAI_LOGPROTO fai.conf save_log_remote() can be removed from fai.conf, should be defined in class/*.var
FAI_REMOTECP scp fai.conf fai-setup, fai-savelog
FAI_REMOTESH ssh fai.conf fai-setup, fai-savelog, task_chboot()
FAI_ROOT /tmp/target almost every script
FAI_RUNDATE int 20060123_163824 task_setup() fai-savelog
FAI_VERSION int FAI 2.10.5 fai, prcopyleft()
HOSTNAME demohost very often
HOSTTYPE int x86_64 bash variable prcopyleft
LOGDIR /tmp/fai fai very often
LOGPASSWD fai.conf fai-savelog-ftp maybe removed from fai.conf
LOGREMOTEDIR upload fai.conf fai-savelog-ftp maybe removed from fai.conf
LOGSERVER fai.conf fai-savelog, fai-savelog-ftp default: LOGSERVER=$SERVER, maybe removed from fai.conf
LOGUSER fai fai.conf fai-setup, fai-savelog, fai-savelog-ftp,task_chboot() default: LOGUSER= so logging should be disable.
MNTPOINT /mnt2 /make-fai-nfsroot, fai-mirror, task_mirror()
NFSROOT /srv/fai/nfsroot/ fai.conf almost everywhere
PATH int /usr/local/sbin:... fai
SERVERINTERFACE eth0 fai.conf only needed when isntall server has multiple interfaces
HOST demohost can redefine host name
cfclasses int DEFAULT.LINUX.LAST cfagent scripts
classes int DEFAULT LINUX LAST almost every script
device_size int 'sda 71687372' set_disk_info() all disks and their sizes; may become local variable
disklist sda set_disk_info() setup_harddisks, fai-mount-disk
installserver kueppers fai.conf only for building FAI_LOCATION unset very early, can be removed
faimond int 0 determines if faimond is running
fstab int fstab was used for solaris, fstab -> vfstab can be removed
ip int dhcp get-boot-info may be unset after use
mirrorhost fai.conf make-fai-nfsroot.conf, $FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP
monserver kueppers task_confdir sndmon() default: monserver=$SERVER, may be removed, but must be set very early
netdevices int eth0 get-boot-info get-boot-info, task_sysinfo
netdevices_all int eth0 eth1 get-boot-info get-boot-info, task_sysinfo
netdevices_up eth0 get-boot-info get-boot-info, task_sysinfo
nfsroot int /srv/fai/nfsroot/ fai-chboot via kernel append parameter kernel, fai-chboot may contain server's IP address
renewclass int 1 task_defclass() on softupdate recalculate the list of classes
romountopt int -o async,noatime,ro
sndhostname task_confdir() sndmon() sndhostname=$HOSTNAME; client's hostname
sshd 1 define_fai_flags()
createvt 1 define_fai_flags()
terror int 0 every task can set it
target /tmp/target same as $FAI_ROOT
ROOTCMD 'chroot /tmp/target' almost every script
diskvar int /tmp/fai/disk_var.sh contains $BOOT_PARTITION, $ROOT_PARTITION, $BOOT_DEVICE, $SWAPLIST
lpipe int /tmp/fai/logfifo try to remove the ugly hack using it
rundir int /var/run/fai fai get_fai_dir(), fai
stamp int ..._IN_PROGRESS
rcslog int $LOGDIR/fai.log

FAI_KEYMAP CS de class/*.var
BOOT_PARTITION CS /dev/sda1 setup_harddisks grub/menu.lst/postinst
ROOT_PARTITION CS /dev/sda1 setup_harddisks LILO/20-create-liloconf
UTC CS yes class/*.var example/simple/scripts
time_zone CS Europe/Berlin class/*.var example/simple/scripts
liloappend CS class/*.var 20-create-liloconf
moduleslist CS psmouse class/*.var scripts/FAIBASE/10-misc