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Hi everyone :-)

sanso (irl Richard Wonka) may be found here:

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Random Thoughts

How to systematically grasp a FAI Setup

I am currently planning a redo of our FAI-setup and in the process found that I don't understand enough how things in our set up work together and depend on each other. I also found that not understanding things makes You do stupid things and/or do generally smart things more than once, which is a bad thing, generally.

So I started playing around with dia to squish a FAI setup into sort-of-UML so I could take a look at what I was trying to do and plan my dive - uh - install.

While this proved helpful for understanding, it also made me stop and wonder how things fit together in this fain world. So here's a picture of a small part of a FAI setup. Please do tear it apart on the User_talk:Sanso discussion page.

This is a mere snippet without any scripts or variables or packages. Just a sketch to see the dependencies between classes. Obviously, much of this depends on Your site, but I think there may be some insight in it after all.