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What I did during the workshop

  • setup a lenny system with D-I lenny beta2 - in kvm, in virtualbox, and in a real system
    • unfortunately, the virtual system with virtualbox stopped working when I added the bridging network scripts, which work fine in another vm, to the network adapter config - this virtualbox config for this vm is totally unusable now!
  • So, I setup a new vm in kvm. Fine, but in the end it showed, that in the debian and ubuntu packages, the binary ROM's for netbooting are missing... from a hint in I realized that they should be place in /usr/share/kvm, but the hint in the bugreport didn't really help. So I got an upstream package, uilt it, and copied the file with
cp -a ./qemu/pc-bios/pxe-rtl8139.bin /usr/share/kvm/

That image seems to work with the default kvm/qemu NIC. By the way, even sourceforge seems ot be broken, no project page seems to work curently, luckily, I had some upstream sources around...

  • Test i386 netwaork and cd installation - mostly successful