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A nice test setup

This is how Mrfai does testing.

  • Set up a Debian mirror in your local LAN (using debmirror(1) and /usr/share/doc/fai-doc/examples/utils/mkdebmirror)
  • 2GB RAM for this mirror should be fine, GBit LAN is required
  • A host on which I run all tests has a Q4 Core i7 960, 3.2GHz, 6GB RAM, GBit LAN
  • /etc/default/tmpfs: SHM_SIZE=5g
  • Set up a software bridge, so kvm can use a tap device (using the script File:Bridge-on.sh)
  • Install fai packages, create the nfsroot
  • Using File:Fai-kvm.sh you can start a test client via PXE or from FAI CD
fai-kvm.sh -n pxe
fai-kvm.sh pxe
fai-kvm.sh -n faicd

Creating a FAI-CD ISO image

  • Create a partitial mirror containing the packages needed
fai-mirror -m9999  -xXEN,I386,CHROOT,LILO,GRUB,GNOME,GERMAN /dev/shm/m1
  • Create the ISO image (run this as root)
fai-cd -m /dev/shm/m1 /files/scratch/fai-cd.iso