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Please sign your contributions using 4 tilde characters!!!


  • dependencies (to hardware? and other classes?

this is not even available in FAI! ergo: let FAI do this and fai-gui just be a display for it) (sanso)

  • should work decentralized (checkout config space from anywhere) as well as directly on a fai server

(sanso: Maybe use versioning-tool for that?)

  • provide administration for services needed by FAI

(sanso: webmin could be _one_ answer here. Yes, I know, webmin is for woozies) (sanso: rather provide gateway or wrapper to existing config-tools for those services - we don't want to reinvent the wheel)


  • maybe i want to run the gui on a linksys nslu2...

(sanso : I'm not very experienced in designing/implementing, but don't like java and like python Maybe it makes sense to write libfaiconfig first and develop guis in a second step?)