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Hello and welcome to the FAI wiki.

This is a public wiki for FAI - Fully Automatic Installation. It's a place for users and developers of FAI to share information. If you have some information on FAI to share, create an account and go ahead! Below is a first start for the contents that we want to provide here. Most pages, colored in red, have not been started yet. If you can contribute something to them, do it, after reading the editing rules):

Common Information

  • About this Wiki - info on this wiki
  • help for editing (mainly mediawiki documentation links)
  • editing rules - some ideas that make collaborative work here easier
  • Resources - there are some information resources about FAI available "out there", as well as some unofficial developer branches, that are handled somewhere else until that code is incoporated in the FAI main Branch - and we want to point to them.
  • Events - Developer and User Meetings, Workshops, Tutorials happening
  • Wishlist (for those users that can't use the debian bts for reporting a bug of type wishlist and for developers who want to know what users wish)
  • for now, the FAI Homepage is still the biggest source of information, eventually lots of the stuff there will migrate into the wiki
  • practice wiki writing here

User documentation and examples

  • Main documentation for FAI is the fai guide: Either in english or translated.
  • reporting bugs
  • example classes and helper scripts - classes and small code contributions that are not (already) part of the FAI distribution
  • tips and tricks - other hints for users by users that are not exactly written in code like the above - general advice, configuration hints
  • Success Stories - who is using FAI, how and why - and, when available pictures of the machines installed with FAI :)
  • questionnaire (an easy to use webform should be available there some day...)
  • user FAQ ( from questions in the mailing list and on IRC freenode #fai) - we want to take the contents of the old and somewhat unmaintained fai faqmatic to this wiki to have all information mor centralized
  • linux-fai mailing list infos (Netiquette, how to subscribe and use)
  • this wiki needs a logo and a proper licence preselected

Developer information

  • TODO: fill pages linked here with content