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Hello and welcome to the FAI wiki.

This is a public wiki for FAI - Fully Automatic Installation. It is a place for users and developers of FAI to share information. If you have some information on FAI to share, see the page wiki registration - you need to write a mail, because we can't handle the spam otherwise. Also, please read editing rules.

About FAI

FAI is a tool for fully automatic (unless you explicitly wish to get some questions on each install) installation of Debian and other Linux Distributions via network, custom install cd, or into a chroot environment. Some people also use it to install Windows.

FAI works script-based as opposed to full image based (if you wish so, we can also install any kind of image) - so it is very flexible, and can be used to install very heterogeneous infrastructures. It uses a class-based system (think of classes as system types that can be combined with each other, as long as they are not technically conflicting) to define configurations in some simple textfiles.

It is also used to update running systems without completely reinstalling them with the softupdate functionality - so you have one single point of configuration for installation and updates.

getting FAI

if you want the latest and greatest version(instead of the versions contained in Debian apt repositores for the specific version of the distribution):

deb sarge koeln
deb etch koeln
deb unstable koeln
  • install it within debian sid
  • check out the sources from subversion:
svn co svn:// fai-sources

(will require building the package by entering the directory and do something like "dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot")

There are some hints for getting FAI 3.2.X running - there are changes in the boot setup, and the sources.list for server and fai must fit.

documentation and examples

official - from the FAI developer team

user contributed in this wiki

  • TODO:
    • Resources - there are some information resources about FAI available "out there", as well as some unofficial developer branches, that are handled somewhere else until that code is incoporated in the FAI main Branch - and we want to point to them.

FAI in the real world

"third party" articles

Developer information

Wiki Information