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info - how to create new wiki accounts?

  • login to the wiki
  • choose "special pages" in the left menu
  • chose "create an account or login" on top
  • fill in the fields "user name", "email" and "real name"
  • hit the button "by email"
  • send a confirmation mail to the user and the admin list

spam issues

as with the start of the wiki having lots of trouble with spam at the moment, I need to document some things here we can do about that situation

just some short notes:

  • we have now an rss2email service running so Thomas and Henning get changelog to see shit happening immediately. the mail interval is not once a day, which might be too short
  • there seems to be no script available that let one delete all changes made by a specific user. This would pare lots of time, and Henning stars fiddling out how to write that - need some deeper knowledge about the database, some hints must be found somewhere in the mediawiki code. I requested this script at mediawiki's request for queries page

Login Page Text

The text on the login page (that points to email adresse and IRC channel to get an account) is saved on the page MediaWiki:Loginprompt It can be edited by people with admin permissions as any other page.

Navigation Bar on the ledt side

The links there can be changed and managed, as decribed here: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Interface/Sidebar