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What would we be without rules?

some editing rules/hints

  • Please enter a summary of your edit before you save.
  • Check the preview before you save.
  • Please make sure that you put your content in the right context, browse through the wiki and use the search function to check that.
  • If you have created a page that you know is not completed, add a horizontal rule (with ---- at the beginning of a line) at the end, and put TODO: <TASK TO DO> lines below that. A Category TODO can bring all the TODO-pages together.
  • Maybe it's a good idea if people can contact the author of a page they want contribute to - which is possible if everybody has contact data on their user page (no it's not arule that you should, but often it might help make the result better.
  • You can make Your text more readable by using the <code> </code> tag for, say, filenames or shellcommands. The result will look something like this /path/to/my/file/here or this:

# apt-get remove --purge login

  • Check the spelling in Your submissions. Correct orthography helps readability.

  • TODO: maybe we should have a naming scheme for some special page types, like pages describeing user-contributed classes, success stories, and stuff