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There's an official roadmap for FAI development

configspace redesign

Command Remapping

It would help tab completion and working on the command line in general if we could rename all fai commands to start with "fai-". Furthermore there are misleading command names which could have better names.

Here is a list of commands and possible alternative names:

Commandname Remapping
Current Command Name Possibly Better Name
/usr/bin/fai-mirror /usr/bin/fai-build-mirror
/usr/sbin/fai-chboot /usr/sbin/fai-configure-pxe
/usr/sbin/fai-cd /usr/sbin/fai-make-cd
/sbin/fai-start-stop-daemon /sbin/fai-start-stop-daemon
/usr/bin/device2grub /usr/bin/fai-device2grub
/usr/bin/ainsl /usr/bin/fai-append
/usr/bin/fai /usr/bin/fai-exec
/usr/sbin/fcopy /usr/sbin/fai-copy
/usr/sbin/install_packages /usr/sbin/fai-install-packages
/usr/sbin/ftar /usr/sbin/fai-tar

other ideas