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features under development:

fai package splitting

split FAI into multiple packages for different purposes . FINISHED nov-2005

people working on this:


enable FAI to install other Linux distributions than Debian GNU/Linux

people working on this:

  • Florent Vuillemin - already created a Fai-md alpha package, which needs testing
  • lazyboy - Henning Sprang - created a version of FAI that is able to install Ubuntu, Linux 5.04 with FAI, from a Debian installserver
  • Axel? - wanted to install RHEL or centos with FAI


  • there exist some conecpts and prototypes, all not very well tested and in alpha stage. Need lots of work and testing, in the areas of how we create basic system images like the base.tgz we have now for Debian for the other distributions. A new FAI package for Ubuntu is a bit less work, but still needs testing. Some of this stuff needs extra machines for testing, and not all the people working on it have them available.

fai-cd fixing

fixing bugs in fai-cd and making sure creation of a FAI cd is as easy as possible

people working on this:

"fai-ease-of-getting started"

help to enable new FAI users to get to usable and working installs quickly

status: Most code doing initial configuration with debconf which we created at the FAI workshop needed to be removed because it wasn't clean and well-thought, was harmful for people's config files and against the debian policy. we need to study more debconf, ucf stuff and how we could get some things into /etc/default/fai*

fai disk_config

fixing bugs in and adding features to the disk config script and the disk config file format

fai powerpc

fixing bugs and optimizing fai powerpc architecture installations

  • Holger Levsen

fai gui

creating a nice GUI Frontend for managing, querying and manipulating, the FAI configuration directory