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The Workshop is over - see DeveloperWorkshopNovember2007Report for a summary of what we did there.

General Information

We would like the participants to read the DevWorkshopGuidelines first, then you can add yourself to the list of interested participants below.


9th to 11th of November 2007 at the Linuxhotel in Essen, Germany.


Linuxhotel in Essen (Travel info, Anreise)

See for generic information on community events at this location (only in German language)

Sleeping, Eating, Drinking

Sleeping in the hotel, breakfast, coffe flatrate and drinks are included in the low fee we have to pay. We have to organize lunch and dinner on our own. Normally we manage to pay everything with the money from our sponsors, so you do not have to pay anything.


Due to german tax laws, the Linuxhotel is not allowed anymore to give the location away for free. They have to charge some money:

  • If n=number of persons. Overall amount of money needed: n * 60

Additional money is needed for food and travel sponsorship

We got some sponsorship and hope to pay all expenses. Thanks to


Please don't forget to let us know some contact data, especially in case you don't read the -devel Mailing list. Please In case of travel sponsorship required, please add a guess of your travel costs.

  • Thomas Lange
  • Henning Sprang (60E Travel cost)
  • Michael Tautschnig
  • Sebastian Hetze
  • Christoffer Jerkeby (~140E Travel costs from copenhagen/malmö)


  • Maybe: Jan Bungart


  • Holger Levsen (100E travel costs from hamburg) CANCELED
  • Oliver Osburg (80E Travel costs from Freiburg)
  • Boris Lingl


We can talk on the usual IRC Channel and using the linux-fai-devel mailing list.

Please subscribe to it if you are an (interested) participant. Import information about the event will be communicated there.

Agenda (1. Vorschlag)


  • Aufbau des Netzwerk
  • Bug squashing hour bis alle da sind, Mrfai sucht Hilfe fuer Bugs
  • Wenn alle da sind: Vorstellungsrunde, Agenda genauer festlegen
  • Read access von /dev/beer
  • Aktuelle Probleme besprechen => Lösungsansätze?
  • Kurze Intro: Änderungen 3.1.8 -> 3.2 (bei Bedarf, max 20 min)


  • Zukünftige Entwicklungen: Was soll bis lenny Release eingebaut werden?
  • z.B. Use cases fuer eine GUI definieren, Demo Boris?
  • Nachmittag: 1 Std. Bug squashing, jeden Bug kurz besprechen, Prioritaet vergeben


  • Coden
  • Testen
  • Meeting: Was haben wir errreicht?

topic proposals for discussion and work

In this section, you can enter proposals for topics to work on, and things to discuss. Please add your name and maybe contact information, if you are not well known to your proposals in case of occuring questions.

People interested in a topic should enter their name in the section of this topic to show their interest.

You can mark your topic with (D) or (W) to make clear it's a (D)iscussion or (W)ork topic.

  • Further work on a simple FAI gui (ldap-independent/storage-agnostic and easy to install) - see GUIConcept (W) --lazyboy -- Kugg
  • Work on an automated testing system for FAI - using crucible or another framework(W) --lazyboy
  • Bring example configs(and helper scripts, for example stuff needed for bootstrapping base images) for installing other distributions plus Windows into the fai-doc package to make it easier available for end users(W) --lazyboy
  • A new and improved configspace Hierarchy --lazyboy, Mrfai
  • Once more: setup_harddisks (W) --michael, Mrfai
  • Simple GUI for collecting MAC addresses, add entries to dhcpd.conf, assign FAI classes (D) -- Mrfai -- Kugg
  • cleanup wiki, find outdated pages (W)
  • include XEN examples? (D) (does this makes sense without using XEN kernel in FAI examples?)
  • add items to (W) -- Mrfai
  • fai-cd using squashfs (W)
  • apply Ubuntu patches (W)


Moderator: Henning Sprang will be responsible to take care that we (roughly)keep in line with the agenda. Talk to him if you see the need for spontaneous changes in the course of the workshop.

In general we will have:

  • Starting meeting - people introduce themselves, tell about their interests to work on, workgroups are built, final schedule outlined
  • In the middle: Discussion about general ideas for the further FAI development
  • End: Discussion about progress made on the work topics - what did we reach - what will happen with the topics not done yet, how will the workgroups continue working on them