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In order to make the FAI developer workshops an enjoyable and productive event for everybody, we want to set some raw guidelines which we like to be followed by each potential participant.

These guidelines are:

Your active participation is expected

We expect every attendee to work on some FAI related topic(s)! Our time for organizing the event, and the money our sponsors pay for travel reimbursement, food and hotel rooms should be spend on FAI. Everybody should have fun and enjoy the event, but we also want to bring FAI a step further on each workshop. So, please, really feel strongly encouraged to bring your own ideas, and enter your name below some work and discussion topics for the event.

Areas of activity - work and fun

In case that sounds to you like too much slavery, be assured that every Workshop will consist of three main activities:

  • Discussion about specific problems in current FAI development and open discussion on general ideas for features and improvements for the future
  • Work on specific topics. Things that need work can be seen in FAI's bug list
  • Drinking beer, eating, leisuring - mostly in the evening, or at the meal times. There never was a workshop without a barrel of nice "Kölsch" beer, and if in summer months, we do barbecue.

Planning process

The planning of the developer workshops will happen as follows:

  • a public announcement of a workshop happening will be made. (Sometimes, a date will already be defined, if not, we make some proposals for possible dates, and open a vote on them). People can start entering topic proposals in the wiki page for the event, and they can add their names to proposed topics.
  • 14 days after the announcement, we will check the proposals, see who wants to join which dicsussion and work groups, and then we create a concrete Agenda based on theses things. You can continue to enter your name as participant in some wof the work groups - but if you want a discussion added to the agenda, you have to as Thomas in person to add this.
  • about 4 weeks before the actual date, normal registration for sponsored participation will close. We need some time to figure out the costs of the event, and consolidate with the (potential) sponsors for travel/hotel/food reimbursement. Also, Hotel rooms must be reservced some tim in advance. It _may_ be that we can accept additional registrations later, but we cannot assure sponsoring after this period.
  • we will also create and announce a mailing list were topics related to the developer workshops can and should be discussed, and information about them is announced - we expect you to subscribe and read these, so we can be sure everybody gets important informations.
  • for each event, a moderator is appointed - he wil be responsible for taking care that we keep in line with the defined agenda (rughly, at least - we are open for spontaneuos changes to this agenda if there is a reason to!)