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Here are events with and around FAI, its users and developers:

Upcoming Events

None so far.

Past events

  • 28th and 29th of February 2009, Henning Sprang held a short workshop for the peoploe at to learn FAI basics.
  • OpenExpo, talk from Mrfai
  • FrOSCon, a talk from Mrfai
  • LinuxTag 2007 in Berlin, FAI had a booth. Mrfai gave a talk
  • 2006 november 14.-16, LinuxWorld Conference & Expo Cologne 2006, FAI has a booth on its own
  • 2006-06-24 - 2006-06-25 FrOSCon, St.Augustin, four talks covering also FAI
  • 2006-05-03 - 2006-05-06 LinuxTag, Wiesbaden, FAI booth together with Debian
  • 2006-01-23 - 2006-01-28 - Dunedin, New Zealand - Thomas will give his talk about FAI at which will be in Dunedin, New Zealand that year-
  • 2005-11-15 2005-11-17 Frankfurt, Germany, Linux World Expo, Debian booth will host the FAI subproject. Thomas will be there.

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