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People branches

Here is an overview of the branches that developers maintain in the people tree of subversion. Some of them are not really branches of the FAI trunk, but other code developments related to FAI.

If you are a developer

If you have made such a branch, you should maintain debian/changelog to keep track of the changes in your branch. It might be a good idea to use a version number like (and increment to And you should register your branches here.

As well, you should register your branch here.

if you are a user/tester

Then you can check out the code of these branches to test it. You should contact the developer who created it about the state of the development - in doubt(say, if the developer itself doesn't tell you the thing is relatively save to use), you should be careful not to break production systems by using these branches.

You can check out the code, after checking it in the subversion web interface, by replacing the "http" and "wsvn" strings in the URL's given below both with "svn", and use them with the svn checkout command, for example:

svn co svn://


TODO: add more info


Christoffer Kugg Jerkeby