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this information seems to be outdated

FAI tools

  • make-fai-nfsroot
    • tools should preserve ssh (and cfengine keys) by default. (TODO: debian wishlist report w/o patch) -- I use a nfsroot-hook for it --allee
  • Addon: add get-config-dir-bzr

Simple Example

  • files/etc/grub/menu.lst/postinst
  • Wish: add a script that keeps ssh key for demohost installation. Makes testing after reinstallation easier.

Topic to discuss in next meetings

  • Allee: As I'm new to this bzr & team environment:
    • use a patch system for the ubuntu specific stuff?
    • bzr branch naming convenstion. what makes sense?
    • policy: Always create pkgs from bzr branches? Tag this revision with 3.x.y....
    • How to get e-mails when pkgs are uploaded to ppa and patches to a branch

Hardy: (K)ubuntu specific classes

Goal: add classes that allows to install Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Xbuntu and Server Open questions

  • cleanup FAIBASE so 'mostly' main pkgs and stand (K)ubuntu tools are used?
  • should be FAIBASE more or less correspond a server CLI install?
  • merge into simple classes or create examples/ubuntu tree?